Invited talks and Lectures

2015 Visualized 2015
Critical Thinking: Evolving the Data Visualization Community

2015 Design Incubation Colloquium 2.1.
Design Criticism in Search of a platform.

2013 Thailand Cultural and Design Center and Bangkok University
Why Information Visualization. in Infographic in Thailand workshop

2012Stanford University, California
Information Visualization limits and promises. in Visualizing Complexity and Uncertainty workshop

2012 Bangkok University Public lectures series
Information Visualization and design

2012 Open Data: from numbers to pictures, TheSync, Bangkok, Thailand
The relevance of information visualization

2012 TEDx Bangkok
Diagramming Information Visualization: story of an addiction

Twenty years ago the area of information and data visualization were of interest to only a small group of tech-obsessed individuals who shared a passion for data. In the last ten years however, we have witnessed an exponential increase in its popularity. Not only are diagrammatic reasoning and visual epistemology becoming readily accepted methods of research in many academic domains, but at the same time infographics and infovis have grabbed the attention of a larger mainstream audience.
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2011 PhD Course in Design Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
Diagramming together

2011 Tecnológico de Monterrey - Academic Leaders Program
Visual epistemology for design in complex systems
We, Visual Designers are like the ancient cartographers we produce representations of the world, as we know it. Visual Design should not be imagined as a line but more as a circle: we explore our world and we represent it, and we use our representation to explore the world and to understand it.

2011 Tecnológico de Monterrey - Academic Leaders Program
The Significance of Visualization: Path, Development and Promises
Visualization is an ancient human device, yet in the last couple decades, has seen a marked increase of interest from and influence upon various disciplines.
In this lecture we will attempt to understand the future impact of these incipient forces will have upon the research and contemporary discourse on the field of Visual Languages.

2010 MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Persuasive technologies within sustainability
In the transition toward a sustainable development that has been addressed as a prior necessity for contemporary society, design is playing a fundamental role. In the last decade the approach to sustainable design has been constantly extending from an effort in reducing product and services environmental impact to the process of facilitating the transition to a pervasive sustainable living.

2009 Politecnico di Milano - Design in progress 2009
Complexity and design: fostering the dialogue for creating knowledge
The design discipline should play an active role in this dialogue providing practical experience, solution and tools: in particular Communication design should be aware of the importance of its role as the communication between elements is the key factor in understanding complex systems and the visual language has emerged as one of the most powerful tools in dealing with complex problems.

2008 Politecnico di Milano - Design in progress 2008
Designers sensitivity. Designers ability as constructivist tools for qualitative research
The study underlines the limits of prescriptive methods and through the concept of Designer sensitivity - the peculiar and characteristic viewpoint of the designer researcher - suggests a generative hybridization and adaptation of knowledge of other disciplines.

2007 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University - IASDR 2007
Reshaping communication design tools
The structural features analysis of Complex Systems has been the key point to outline a methodology to offer designers a new mindfulness in the use of design tools. This methodology provides a theoretical framework that incorporates many tools suggesting a different use of them with a special attention to improve the designer’s consciousness of the system he is designing in.